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Company Profile

The company dates back to 1970 when its first workshop and store opened in Nea Smyrni, Attica. It was a pioneer; well-ahead of its times, producing and selling fresh pastry products wholesale to bakers and indoor markets. That innovative business model helped the company firmly establish itself in the food service sector, and given the outstanding quality of its products it managed to create an extensive commercial network in the prefecture of Attica.

In 1997 the second generation relocated production activities of Alimos, Attica, and renamed the company Dorikon; a move designed to reflect that the owners all hailed from Arcadia. New pastry-making technology was installed at those new premises, which today still house the company, and cutting-edge, exacting health regulations were adopted by our skilled staff. The product range grew and improved, as we began to offer a comprehensive gamut of frozen pastry products. Having now expanded its customer base to the Greek regions, Dorikon S.A.’s overriding goal is to constantly improve its products and services and offer comprehensive, responsible coverage in the mass catering market. Since 2005 the company has been under the guidance of Nikolaos E. Soursos, Chairman and CEO, who is the original founder’s son.

Recent news
In 2013 and 2014 Dorikon acquired two patents from the Greek Industrial Property Organisation, signalling its commitment to continuous development and innovation, which are key aspects of its strategy.

In early 2015 the company launched a new website: www.dorikon.gr. Visitors to the site now have the unique chance to read detailed technical information about all of Dorikon’s products. The search engine we have developed helps visitors find products based on the actual needs of their point of sale, using criteria such as: Type of pastry, shape, size, weight, packaging, filling, etc.

Achievement of targets
– Fewer than 3% late deliveries or non-deliveries.
– Full-time R&D position, occupied by a graduate of the Athens Technological Educational Institute.
– A 45-year history, with executives and production staff involved since 1993.
– Innovations registered as patents, and business plans in place ready to be implemented.