Background:The company was founded in Nea Smyrni, Attica back in 1970, with the first workshop and store under the same roof. Dorikon has been producing quality for 2 generations. In 1997 the new generation relocated the company’s production facilities to Alimos, Attica and renamed it Dorikon. Having started out making fresh products which were sold retail, we have today expanded into the production of frozen pastry products. Our experience enables us to put ourselves in the client’s shoes.


Experience is the foundation stone but constantly seeking out all things new is what brings development. To develop one needs to constantly be on the lookout for new ideas that directly meet needs in the marketplace. At Dorikon we are investing in innovation which is why we are the first to launch creative product ranges with the right mix of products and ingredients. We manufacture innovative products to meet consumer demand; products that vary depending on market requirements.


We know the importance of reliability and trust in the marketplace which is why we are investing in our customer service staff, technical staff, product distribution team and our suppliers. For us ensuring that clients trust our products and that we maintain quality levels steady are key.